Tone Your Muscles Using Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapezes and Poles

Tone Your Muscles Using Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapezes and Poles

Enroll in aerial and pole dance classes in Kalamazoo, MI

Pole and aerial dancing are growing fitness methods that combine highly athletic skills with a sexy and beautiful aesthetic. You’ll learn fun and impressive moves while working toward your fitness goals. Visit Fly Fit in Kalamazoo, MI to check out some of the courses we offer.

You can reach us at 269-240-9977 to learn more about our courses.

Feel sexy and in shape

Pole dancing and aerial dancing are great ways to boost your confidence and enhance your body. Take a look at the courses we offer and enroll in the ones that suit you:

  • Intro to Pole Dance Fitness
    Learn the basics and fundamentals of pole movement and choreography.
  • Level 1 - 4, Intermediate and Advanced
    Participate in eight-week sessions that build upon one another. Learn basic spins, transitions, floor work, movement and choreography. No experience is required to start Level 1, but the completion of the previous level is necessary to move on to the next Level respectively.
  • Fab Pole
    Bring together the skills learned from pole dancing and aerial fabrics and silks.
  • Trapfit
    Use low-flying professional-level trapezes for cardio, deep core and full-body strengthening.
  • Basic Spin
  • Aerial Yoga
    Incorporates strengthening and stretching components of yoga and excitement of flying and swinging of aerial hammock.
  • Aerial Conditioning
    A strength and conditioning class designed especially for pole and aerial enthusiasts.

Stop by Fly Fit to burn fat and improve your stamina with a pole or aerial fitness class.

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