Are You in the Right Shape for Pole and Aerial Fitness?

Are You in the Right Shape for Pole and Aerial Fitness?

Learn the requirements for our Kalamazoo, MI courses

One of the best parts about aerial and pole dancing classes is that there is no ideal body type or level of fitness required for this form of exercise. At Fly Fit in Kalamazoo, MI, everyone is celebrated. Regardless of your size or age, you'll have a great time learning a new skill, making new friends and getting into the best shape of your life.

There is no need for prior training to start our courses, and if you are challenged in any way, we can provide a modification that will work for you. Our only requirement is that you must be 18 years or older to participate in our classes, unless otherwise specified on the schedule.

Dial 269-240-9977 now to learn more about pole and aerial fitness.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions or concerns? You may be able to find answers below:

What Do I Wear to Class?
Pole: Wear comfortable workout attire, such as shorts, sports bras, tanks and T-shirts. Dress in layers. Shorts are preferred, but you may start out wearing capris or leggings. There will be times that exposed skin will be necessary to grip the pole for some spins and moves. Aerial: Wear leggings or capris that will cover the back of knees and a shirt with sleeves to protect under arms. Please avoid wearing jewelry, any clothing with zippers. Lotion and oil is also discouraged. This will make gripping the apparatus difficult.

What Should I Bring to Class?
Please bring a yoga mat and water to stay hydrated. We also have a drinking fountain on site.

Do I Share a Pole?
We cap all class attendance at 18 people for Pole Classes and 8 people for Aerial Classes. You may have to share an apparatus at times with another person. This will give you a chance to make a new friend and time for small breaks to rest your muscles.

How Do I Sign Up?
Click on the Sign Up button on either the website or the Facebook page. This will redirect you to Mindbody to create a profile and reserve and pay for your spot in class. You must reserve and pay for a spot in advance in order to guarantee a spot in class.

How Long Are the Class Passes Valid?
All class passes, private parties and private lessons are valid and redeemable from the date of purchase and are non refundable. The 2-week unlimited pass is valid 14 days from the date of purchase, the 1-month pass is valid for 30 days from the time of purchase, and all other passes and parties are valid for 90 days.

What is the minimum age requirement to attend a class?
Must be 18 years old to attend class. We offer private lessons for those under 18. Please contact us to talk more about this option.

I Need to Cancel My Spot In Class. What Do I Do?
Mindbody will allow you to cancel your spot 4 hours prior to class. Each student is responsible for adding or removing themselves from class through the Mindbody portal. A pass will lost if cancellation is less than 4 hours before class begins.

You can count on Fly Fit for a gratifying and enjoyable fitness experience.